Clinton Johnson

(Founder and CEO)

I have been in love with the outdoors since I was a child; camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing were a huge part of my growing up and I have certainly carried it though.  My passion for the water was always there, but my passion for paddling came when I decided to canoe from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico on a solo trip... in an 11' canoe.  I have been on the water with a paddle in my hand ever since.  As part of our goal here at Totally Stroked I have a strong love for the wild and a passion to learn all that I can about my surroundings.  With this goal in mind, my hope is to get others involved and excited about the beautiful world around us and help to keep it in its natural beauty.  See it as it is meant to be seen and help keep it clean so others, long after us, can do the same.  See you on the water!